What year my friends!
Informal surveys report that 9 out of 10 people considered 2020 to be a tough year. There were many difficulties, adaptations to make, but mainly losses. Loss of relationships that did not resist the “house arrest” imposed by the pandemic, loss of work positions that also didn’t resist the chaos created in the economy due to changes in consumer habits and especially the loss of lives. There were 356,000 deaths in the USA and 1,750,000 deaths worldwide. Fathers, mothers, uncles, grandparents, bosses, mentors, and buyers. You might, like me, have studied, read and learned about the bubonic plague (or Black Plague), smallpox, cholera and other epidemics or pandemics that have plagued humanity over the centuries. But, I believe you have never been able to so closely feel the effects of a pandemic such as the Coronavirus’s. And far from me wanting to romanticize this pandemic. For many, 2020 was a lost year. Still, that's fine. It's okay to be angry, it's okay to be upset about what was lost, and it's okay to be heartbroken at the loss of someone. Because in the end, what (still) differentiates us from machines is the ability to feel. For example, A RPA system (Robot Process Automation) can convert purchase requisitions into orders 100% of the time it is scheduled to do so, regardless of whether there is a pandemic in the world, whether someone lost his job or if a marriage ended. But we are not like that. People feel it! And… that is okay, because at the end of this year we will still be here, complaining about the pandemic and commenting on how difficult 2020 was. Despite that, when the clock turns 00:00 on 01/01/2021, we buyers, those who never give up, will be celebrating the end of 2020 and the beginning of a new year for us. A brand new year that will give us the chance to start over: maybe think again about that postgraduate program that you are postponing, that job position of your dreams that you saw, but decided not to apply to in order not to risk the stability of your current job, in that course that you know you need to do, but was afraid of an “unnecessary expense” in the middle of the pandemic, in that international exchange program that you've been dreaming of for years or even a new year for you to rethink that relationship that doesn't do you so well. We are driven by new beginnings. Every new start is a new chance to succeed —have you ever thought about why Monday is the world day for starting diets? Every new day (and especially every Monday) we are presented with a new chance to start over and make it work, whatever our desire is. This is nothing more than resilience. Science defines resilience as the ability of a body to return to its original form, regardless of the force or impact that is applied to that body. Psychology, on the other hand, defines resilience as the ability to start over, to try again, to try otherwise! Well, the exercise of resilience was the gift that 2020 gave us. Everyone and especially all buyers who have gone through 2020 can update their resume and add the adjective resilient to their characteristics if they haven't already! We are warriors and we have been through this year so now it is time to celebrate. Of course, we are still observing social distancing and helping to stop the spread by the virus is our social responsibility. So, I wish you to remember at midnight on December 31, 2020 just how resilient you became in 2020, and toast to you, your life, your career and especially your future! May you be exactly what you want to be in 2021 and if it is difficult, resilience will keep you going. Cheers and a toast to you!