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The danger of ‘lives’

February 24, 2021

2020 has changed the world and that is a fact! Coronavirus or ‘CV-19’ will forever be a "watershed" in people's lives.
Offices and houses merged into one space, work hours and leisure hours as well. The digital world has become even more expansive with 'happy hours' and 'onboarding' of new employees now being virtual. It is also a fact that the profession of 'influencer' started to have a greater proportion and adhesion in 2020. It is more and more common (and also a joke for some) that...

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What means to be a buyer?

November 20, 2020

Doctor, airplane pilot, astronaut, fireman, there are countless possibilities, but I doubt anyone has ever heard the answer, “I want to be a buyer!”
Especially in countries where the Supply Chain area has been more popular in the last few decades, education in the Purchasing area is still quite scarce and restricted. Typically, new buyers learn from more experienced buyers.
At the beginning of my purchasing career, I heard from my manager, who today is still one of my mentors, “Flavia, the...

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