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Supply and Purchasing Agreement Clauses III

January 11, 2021

Hello purchasing professionals! Welcome to the last post about contractual clauses. Previously, we talked about the less complex negotiation and execution clauses (Price Adjustment, Rebate, Force Majeure and Contingency Plan). We also discussed the medium complexity clauses (Exclusivity, Competition, Initial Right of Refusal and Take or Pay), so now we will finally close this series with the most complex clauses: Most Favored Consumer and Meet or Release.

Most Favored Consumer: Since we are...

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Supply and Purchasing Agreement Clauses II

December 18, 2020

Hello purchasing professionals! In the last post, we talked about the contractual clauses considered of low complexity (price adjustment, rebate, force majeure and contingency plan), now that you already know them and understand how important their application is to protect your company and your supplier, let's discuss the medium complexity clauses, which are: Exclusivity, Competition, Right of First Refusal, and Take or Pay.

Exclusivity: This is commonly mixed up with the competition...

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